Top 10 Appreciating Neighborhoods In Marietta

It’s extraordinary that the Top 10 appreciating neighborhoods in Marietta are all close together. These communities are located in the unincorporated area of Marietta known as East Cobb. It always good to know if the area you live in or are considering moving to has been appreciating in value.

Top Ten Appreciating Neighborhoods in Marietta

Marietta Square – Marietta GA

About Marietta

Marietta is a booming city located 20 northwest of Atlanta, GA. Currently the City of Marietta has a population about 60,000, while the Metro Marietta area has a population of approximately 200,000. Marietta is the county seat and largest city in Cobb County.

The early days of Marietta go back to the early 1800’s. The state of Georgia created ten counties on land where the Cherokees lived. The City of Marietta was officially established in 1852.

Today, Marietta is thriving community known for its schools, shops, parks and heritage. East Cobb and West Cobb are unincorporated affluent areas within the Marietta postal address. They both have excellent public schools that are part of the Cobb County Public School System.

East Cobb currently has a population of 160,000. If the area decided to incorporate it would become the 2nd largest city in Metro Atlanta. East Cobb is best known for its schools. According to, in 2016 East Cobb had 2 of the top ten high schools rankings in the State of Georgia. Lassiter High School ranked #4 and Pope High School ranked #7. Here are the neighborhoods in Marietta that appreciated the most since 2000, according to Neighborhood Scout.

Top 10 appreciating neighborhoods in Marietta

1    Mount Bethel
2   Old Sewell Rd – Holt Rd
3   Sewell Mill Rd – Meadow Chase Dr
4   Lower Roswell Rd – Willow Chase Dr
5   Audubon Pkwy – Willow Point Pkwy
6   Shallowford Rd – Davis Rd
7   Shallowford Rd – McPherson Rd
8   Post Oak Tritt – McPherson Rd
9   Old Canton Rd – Robinson Rd
10 Post Oak Tritt – Murdock Rd

Home values appreciated more than 25% since 2000 in these communities. That’s a good number when considering the 2007 Great Recession. According to Zillow, the median price of homes listed in Marietta is $334,000. The median home value in Marietta is $252,000, a 7.3% increase over 2016. Median rental price of homes in Marietta is $1450, however average rental prices of homes in East Cobb homes are closer to $2000. All data indicates a healthy real estate market for Marietta and East Cobb.

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